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1963 Ford Series 2000 Tractor Chassis no. CONN6015G

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Lot 143¤
1963 Ford Series 2000 Tractor

1963 Ford Series 2000 Tractor
Chassis no. CONN6015G

134ci OHV 4-Cylinder Gasoline Engine
Single 1-barrel Marvel Carburetor
10-speed Select-O-Speed Transmission and Single-speed PTO
Solid Front and Rear Axles
Rear-Wheel Drum Brakes

*A very attractive Ford tractor
*Easy to drive
*Unused since a comprehensive restoration to original specification


The four-cylinder gasoline-engined Ford 2000 tractor was sold between 1962 and 1965. It was very similar to the 601 Workmaster series of Ford tractors. The 681 variant offered a Select-O-Speed automatic Transmission with power takeoff. These tractors were produced at Ford's plant in Highland, Park, Michigan, and according to, they were entirely different than the later three-cylinder 2000 which replaced that model. Many were equipped with Ford's "Select-O-Speed" (10-forward-speed/two reverse) planetary transmission introduced in early 1959. As Larry Webb explained on for," it was a full powershift transmission which enabled the operator to shift on-the-go between ten forward and two reverse speeds by moving a single selector lever located under the dash. There was no traditional clutch or clutch pedal, although an "inching pedal" was provided to assist in hitching the tractor to implements... Ford's advertising emphasized the Select-O-Speed transmission was not an automatic or fluid drive transmission, but rather a mechanical transmission with planetary gearsets that were shifted hydraulically. There were four planetary gearsets in series, with the first three being controlled by three brake bands and three clutch packs. The fourth planetary gear-set provided a constant speed reduction. Moving the selector lever operated six hydraulic valves which in turn controlled the brake bands and clutch packs."

Instrumentation included a large central gauge containing a tachometer reading to 2400 rpm, a speedometer reading to 20 mph in 10th gear, plus gauges for fuel level, oil pressure, and water temperature.


The consignor states that this very attractive Ford Series 2000 tractor has enjoyed a full nut-and-bolt restoration with many new parts. Very nicely painted in blue with a gray engine cover, there is a single blue-upholstered seat with Ford logo for the driver. Twin chromed stacks for the intake and exhaust piping, new labeling, and new tires all around, being BFG Tractor units in 13.6 x 23 on de-mountable rims in back, and Goodyear 6 x 16 Tractor in front. Although its engine-meter has recorded 4298 hours it has not been operated since its restoration three years ago by a skilled tractor enthusiast, and may require some re-commissioning prior to being put to work.


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