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1987 Buick GNX Coupe VIN. 1G4GJ117XHP447642

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1987 Buick GNX Coupe

1987 Buick GNX Coupe
VIN. 1G4GJ117XHP447642

3.8 Liter Turbocharged OHV V6 Engine
Multi-Point Fuel Injection
276hp at 4,400rpm
TH-200-4R 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Independent Front with Live Rear Axle Suspension
Front Disc Brakes – Rear Drum Brakes

*Offered from The Two Generations Collection
*21.5 original miles from new!
*An icon of 80s turbo performance


The most startling automobile of the Eighties had to be the Buick Grand National, its lower key sibling the T-Type and its successor, the GNX.

Buick for years had built wicked high performance turbocharged pushrod V-6 engines for Indy car competition and they had earned success at the Brickyard and elsewhere although it was hard to see how increasingly stodgy Buick was taking advantage of the dollars being spend on R&D and race support. That became apparent in 1982 when Buick released the Grand National with its optional 175hp, 275 lb-ft torque turbocharged power.

The Grand Nationals were the fastest things on the street in the middle years of the Eighties, a desirable combination of performance, fuel economy (when that performance wasn't being used) and comfort. Development continued and culminated in 1987, the last year for the series, with a limited run of the GNX.

The GNX was the ultimate car in the series, the Regal and its platform ending production that year. The turbocharged, intercooled V-6 was rated at 276hp and 360 lb-ft torque. It was seriously under-rated. Many changes to cope with the power and torque were made to the drivetrain and chassis including a specially programmed 200 R4 Hydramatic transmission, special differential, rear axle Panhard bar and torque-resisting ladder bar.

Buick advertised the GNX as the fastest accelerating production car in the world at the time and no one who has driven one will ever doubt the claim. These cars are breathtakingly, blindingly fast. Yet, because of the adaptability of their turbocharged engines they are perfectly satisfactory, comfortable, well-mannered drivers around town and in traffic. The legendary "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" would have appreciated the GNX's attributes.


This incredible GNX comes to the market from more than 35 years of ownership and having covered little more than its delivery mileage, the odometer reading a mere 21.5 miles from new! Offered from a private collection, it was purchased late in 1987 from dealer Mark Lankford with the agreement made on Hotel Hershey letterhead no doubt during the annual swap meet. Arriving in the Two Generations Collection in November 1987, it has basically not turned a wheel since.

Viewed today, the car is not so much a time-warp as simply being a new car, to sit in it the interior literally has 'new car smell', with very little age evident at all to it. The exterior has a few light surface scratches, some of which perhaps came from detailing. Not run in many years, but frequently 'turned over' during its ownership the engine is known to be 'free'. Accompanying it are a period unmarked Warranty book, Owner's Manual, Regal Owner's Manual and Delco Stereo Manual.

Among these much-coveted street-rods, there can be very few that can claim such a modest mileage accrual as this car, and as such it represents an amazing opportunity for Young-timer collectors.

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