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1918 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Five Passenger Touring Engine no. 233429

Estimate: US$10,000 - US$15,000
Lot 143
1918 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Five Passenger Touring

1918 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Five Passenger Touring
Engine no. 233429

212ci L-Head Inline 4-Cylinder Engine
Single Stewart Carburetor
Approximately 30bhp at 2,200rpm
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Semi-Elliptic Front and ¾ Elliptic Rear Leaf Spring Suspension
Rear-Wheel Mechanical Drum Brakes

*Unique alternative to the Model T
*Way cooler than the T
*Ominous Triple Black color scheme


Engine and transmission suppliers to Ransom Eli Olds and then Henry Ford, the highly respected Dodge brothers - John and Horace - diversified into automobile manufacture in 1914. Featuring a 212ci 4-cylinder engine, welded all-steel body and 12-volt electrical system, the first Dodge was a robust, 'right-first-time' design that changed little, apart from a couple of extensions in wheelbase length, over the course of the succeeding ten years. Introduced in November 1914, the Dodge sold well and by the end of 1915 some 45,000 had left the Detroit factory, the US auto industry's best first-year performance at the time.

By 1919 the range had expanded to include eight models while the following year Dodge made one of the few styling changes of note by raking back the windshield. Dodge was second only to Ford in the US in 1920, but in that year both brothers died and the firm went into decline, falling to 13th place in the US industry rankings by 1928 when it was acquired by Walter P. Chrysler. The latter wanted a cheaper car to complement his more upmarket Chryslers, and after only a year under his control Dodge had risen to 5th place in the manufacturing league table. In Canadian and overseas markets, Chrysler Corporation pursued a policy of offering a smaller, less expensive 'junior' Dodge, which in actual fact was a re-badged Plymouth.


Although lesser known than the Model T, the Model 30 Touring like the example offered here was a fine alternative to the Ford and in ways, more modern. A car of simple plain design and sturdy construction when compared to the Ford, it offered a more powerful engine, a longer wheelbase, a sliding gear transmission and a 12-volt electrical system instead of 6. Whether you are touring, showing or gathering groceries, this menacing triple black Dodge is sure to turn heads. Surely this charming example is bound to give its new owner as much enjoyment as it has its last.

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