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1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Two Door Straight Line Touring Engine no. 22151

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1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Two Door Straight Line Touring

1907 Cadillac Model M 10HP Two Door Straight Line Touring
Engine no. 22151

98.2ci L-Head 1-Cylinder Engine
Single Updraft Carburetor
2-Speed Planetary Transmission
Leaf Spring Suspension
2-Wheel Mechanical Brakes

*Timewarp, recent discovery
*Early example of the Standard of the World brand
*Perfect preservation class vehicle
*Horseless Carriage Club of America tour eligible


Founded by Henry Leland and Robert Faulconer, the Cadillac Automobile Company of Detroit, Michigan completed its first car in October 1902, and the firm's superior manufacturing technology - precision gear cutting was Leland and Faulconer's first specialty - soon established it as the foremost builder of quality cars in the USA.

Cadillac's Model M debuted in 1906, it had ostensibly the same format as the well renowned single cylinder Model K, only with slightly longer wheelbase of 76 inches. This was continued into 1907 and 1908. Alongside their 'Victoria' and Osceola body styles proposed, were these more modern 'Straight Line' Touring cars.


This remarkable Cadillac has endured its 112 years in extraordinarily unchallenged order, wearing the majority of what is almost certainly its original upholstery, and quite possibly paint even! A jewel of a car, it shows that a Cadillac was and always will be an enduring quality automobile. That it has stood the test of time so well, can for a large part be due to the fact that it remained here in Greenwich all its life.

The story goes that its owners, emigres of Italy, were keen to experiment with a new-fangled horseless carriage and we believe would have ordered this car from the New York agency of Cadillac. Eventually the car was replaced with a newer machine, but by then it was already very much part of the family and without a need to part with it, the Cadillac was retained. Years turned into decades and even a century... It finally emerged from hibernation in 2017, exactly 110 years after it would have been delivered, but has remained unused and preserved.

Time has been kind to the car and today it represents an almost impossible find to replicate, with the support of other enthusiasts it is surely a car that can be carefully revived and would make an interesting draw in any concours preservation class.

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