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1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Super Convertible D Coachwork by Drauz Chassis no. 85720 Engine no. 610402 (see text)

Sold for US$196,000 inc. premiumLot to be sold without reserve
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1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Super Convertible D
Coachwork by Drauz

1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Super Convertible D
Coachwork by Drauz

Chassis no. 85720
Engine no. 610402 (see text)

1,582cc SOHC Flat 4-Cylinder Engine
Dual Weber Carburetors
60bhp at 4,800rpm
4-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Independent Suspension
4-Wheel Drum Brakes

*Beautifully restored example of the desirable Convertible D
*One of only 1,331 examples made
*Presented in the original color combination
*Accompanied by original engine case, Porsche COA and service records


Although Ferdinand Porsche had established his automotive design consultancy in the early 1930s, his name would not appear on a car until 1949. When it did, it graced one of the all-time greatest sports car: the Porsche 356. Having commenced manufacture with a short run of aluminum-bodied cars built at Gmünd, Porsche began volume production of the steel-bodied 356 coupe at its old base in Stuttgart, at first in a premises shared with coachbuilders Reutter and then, from 1955 onwards, in its original factory at Zuffenhausen.

The work of Ferry Porsche, the 356 was based on the Volkswagen designed by his father and, like the immortal 'Beetle', employed a platform-type chassis with a rear-mounted air-cooled engine and an all-independent torsion bar suspension. Regularly revised and updated, Porsche's landmark sports car would remain in production well into the 911-era, the final examples being built in 1965.

Cabriolets had been manufactured right from the start of 356 production, but the first open Porsche to make a significant impact was the Speedster. It was introduced in 1954, following the successful reception in the USA of a batch of 15 special roadsters. With its sales declining, however, the Speedster was dropped in 1958 and replaced by the more civilized Convertible D. The Convertible D differed principally by virtue of its larger windscreen and winding side windows, the latter replacing the Speedster's side screens. Overall, the new car was 3½ inches taller. All in all, the 356A Convertible D was a somewhat more practical car than the Speedster, boasting a more protective windscreen, proper side windows and more comfortable seats while retaining the original's beautiful body lines and downward sloping waistline beloved of Type 356 enthusiasts.

With its preferred coachbuilder Reutter struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, Porsche sub-contracted cabriolet body construction to a number of different coachbuilders. The Convertible D production was undertaken by Drauz of Heilbronn (hence the 'D' suffix) until the restyled Porsche 356B arrived in September 1959, when convertible production transferred to d'Ieteren of Brussels. The 356A Convertible D model remains one of the rarest of Porsche 356 models, with only 1,331 made between August 1958 and September 1959. It is ironic that the 356 models which were the least expensive 'back in the day – the Roadster, Speedster and Convertible D – are now some of the costliest.


This Porsche 356, chassis number 85720, was first delivered on November 26th, 1958, imported into the United States through the Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York. Resplendent in Ruby Red (5702) paintwork over a Light Brown interior, this 356 was delivered with the desirable 1600 Super engine and the compulsory Sealed Beam headlights and US-Specification bumpers for United States importation.

At some point during this car's 60 years, the original type 616/2 1600 Super engine (number 71468) was removed and replaced with a Type 1600 356B engine, though the original block remains with the car and is included in the sale. Today, this rare Porsche Convertible D sports the same color combination as the day it was delivered and is very well restored throughout. The arresting red paintwork invigorates the subtle curves of the open Drauz bodywork and the light brown convertible top and interior compliment the paintwork nicely. Similarly, the minimal brightwork on the car, including the US-Specification bumpers and trim are in good condition.

The details on the car draw attention, from the exhausts integrated into the bumpers, mesh-covered headlights, the Drauz coachbuilder's tag, the golden 1600 Super badging, and of course the white steering wheel and controls throughout the interior- all distinctive features that draw attention and add character to this lithe sports car. Recently, this 356 was serviced by marque specialists and received new tires, a new convertible top, and myriad refinements to bring it to its present state. As mentioned, the original 1600 Super engine block is included in the sale, along with service records and a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.


Please note, this vehicle is titled under the model year 1959.

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