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1924 TEMPLAR 4-45 FIVE-PASSENGER TOURING Chassis no. 6706 Engine no. 3375

Estimate: US$45,000 - US$60,000
Lot 33


Chassis no. 6706
Engine no. 3375

197ci 4-Cylinder Overhead Valve Engine
Updraft Single Carburetor
3-Speed Transmission
Rear Wheel Mechanical Brakes

*Marque recently accepted as an CCCA Full Classic™
*One of the first high quality American small cars
*Sophisticated overhead valve engine
*Extremely expensive car when new
*Rarely seen today


The "Super Fine Small Car" was an apt slogan for the Templar 4-45. One of the first super high-quality, small American cars on the market, the Templar was a product of some of the best talent of the day. The team had previously worked at Pope Hartford, Stearns, Matheson and most notably Mercer; Mercer undoubtedly had the strongest influence. Although the engine bears striking resemblance to the L-head Mercer, Templar took it a step further with overhead valves. Extensive use of aluminum throughout the engine and novel features like the perpendicular drive of the magneto and water pump off the nose of the engine made the Templar unusual. The aluminum components were polished, even the crank case.

The wonderful Templar engine was wrapped in some good-looking sporty bodywork. A roadster that is a near twin to Stutz Bearcat and a sport tourer that was a twin for Mercer Sporting were offered along with more traditional coachwork like tourers and coupes. Sport styling and performance were always at the forefront of Templar and, as a result, nearly all of the cars were equipped with wire wheels. All of this style and mechanical sophistication, however, came at a cost. In 1921, a Templar Tourer cost just under $2900, while a coupe rang in at $3700! These were enormous sums for a small car when there were many similarly sized cars available for well under $1000.

Templar managed to have a few reasonable good sale years in the early 20s, but unfortunately it wouldn't last. The car was too expensive and not enough people appreciated its technical superiority. Templar would produce its last cars for the 1924 model year.


This nicely restored Templar Tourer is a rare example of a late model. Subject to recent and comprehensive restoration, this is likely one of the nicest examples of its type. Finished in an attractive dark green over black leather and white Houck wore wheels, the top is trimmed in high quality heavy grained vinyl with a matching boot. The dash is beautifully finished with all the correct instruments and details. Having seen only limited use since restoration, the car is in fine mechanical order and ready for show or touring use. Of added benefit is the fact that within the last year the Classic Car Club of America have accepted these cars as Full Classics, opening up a wealth of opportunities for their use.

Templar motorcars seldom come to market. The few that survive are coveted for their fine engineering and excellent quality. A fun and interesting car that has been fully restored, this Templar represents an excellent value in a fine twenties motorcar.

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