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Ex-John Fasal 1911 ROLLS-ROYCE 40/50 'ROI-DES-BELGES' Coachwork in the style of Barker by Wilkinsons of Derby Engine no. 2F (ex-chassis 1605, see text)

Estimate: DKK3,500,000 - DKK5,000,000
Lot 38
Ex-John Fasal
The Frederiksen Auction|26 September 2015, 14:00 CEST|Denmark - Ebeltoft

Ex-John Fasal
Coachwork in the style of Barker by Wilkinsons of Derby

Engine no. 2F (ex-chassis 1605, see text)

7,428cc L-Head Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
50 bhp at 1,500 rpm
3-Speed Manual Transmission
4-Wheel Leaf Spring Suspension
Rear Drum Brakes

*Beautiful example of the classic Roi-des-Belges style Silver Ghost
*Expertly restored throughout
*Great open Silver Ghost for tours and concours events
*Previously owned by John Fasal and listed in his book


The Hon. Charles Stewart Rolls, British gentleman adventurer, aviator, racing driver and astute businessman, and Frederick Henry Royce, engineer and innovator, were indeed an indomitable partnership, creating a motoring legend with a reputation for unsurpassed excellence. It says much for the business acumen of Rolls that despite his inborn desire for things to happen quickly, he tolerated the pedantic and at times frustratingly slow attention to detail of his mechanical genius partner.

From this pedantic attention, the Rolls-Royce 40/50 H.P., "The Silver Ghost", was to emerge and to earn for itself and the company the accolade "The Best Car in the World".


This magnificent automobile is a fabulous expression of two names that together to most people represent what the legendary Edwardian era Rolls-Royce 40/50hp was, being a 'Silver Ghost' and 'Roi-des-Belges'. Silver Ghosts were as legend for their style and performance as they were for their reliability, and with a model that would continue in production for nearly two decades during which culture, fashion and design changed considerably not surprisingly many clients owned a series of these cars, or recognising that the essence of the car had not changed dramatically would have their cars rebodied with updated coachwork. Reliability also played a part in their careers as long after their intended service, a number were put into more commercial service, many assisting the world war one efforts. Rather like the famous movie 'The Yellow Rolls-Royce', if they could speak some could tell a tale of many different lives, frequently starting with stately use, moving to utilitarian work, sometimes conversion to farm use, and as the collector car movement grew, discovery, refurbishment and return to their former glory.

This car can tell one such tale and owes its survival to the acknowledged expert in the field, John Fasal, who recovered its remains, consisting of engine and some parts in 1990. Fasal was able to trace its history through the identity of the engine to have originally been supplied in chassis number 1605, a 1911 car finished with brass brightwork and delivered new in April that year wearing Touring coachwork by Munnions of Chelmsford. he found that the car's early history was charted through a series of London owners, Alexander Spencer, F.M. Hewson and W.C. Warren to 1919, before it was acquired by T.G. Rose and embarked on a 30 year excursion to Barbados. In 1949 it returned to the UK and passed into the hands of A.P Hammond of Newmarket. By now its sporting touring body had been replaced with a bus style conveyance, and the car saw service as the starters car for the Newmarket Horse races! An image of the car in this latter form is reproduced on page 401 of the book The Edwardian Rolls-Royce by John Fasal and Bryan Goodman. It may be assumed that this body was mounted in the chassis after its return from Barbados.

Carefully sourcing correct period components including axles and gearbox as well as a period style body made by noted post-war coachbuilders Wilkinsons of Derby, the project was assembled on a new chassis commissioned through a noted restorer of the model. In this form it passed through a series of U.K. owners before arriving with Terry Lister, in whose hands it was comprehensively restored to the splendour that it can be seen today. The quality of the mechanical refurbishment was exemplified by Mr. Lister driving the car for 9,600 km in 2010 with no mishaps. It was acquired by Mr. Frederiksen from Mr. Lister.

A large number of invoices covering work done in connection with refitting the body, as well as mechanical work come with the car. A new exhaust has been fitted, and the electrics have received attention, including the electrification of the main lights. Minor preparatory work performed by Frank Dale & Stepsons prior to delivery to Mr. Frederiksen, included fitting a new battery, touching up the paint and polishing the brass.

Today, this imposing Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost presents magnificently as a large Edwardian touring car. It carries one of the most classic styles of open coachwork which was popular before the Great War, and the overall condition is splendid. The full set of brass accoutrements, including dual windscreens, dual lamps and the archetypal Rolls-Royce radiator complement the deep red bodywork to perfection. Simply a grand conveyance, and being a well-known car in Rolls-Royce circles, it will be welcomed at any meet the new owner should care to attend.


Dette fantastiske køretøj stammer fra Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis 1605, som blev leveret til sin første ejer i London den 6. april 1911. Den var udstyret med et tourer karosseri af Munnions i Chelmsford. Det menes at bilen blev solgt I 1919 til ejer nummer to, også bosiddende i London, som dog kun havde bilen indtil 1920, hvor han solgte den til en vis T.G. Rose fra Barbados i Vestindien. Bilen blev på Barbados frem til 1949.

Efter bilen kom tilbage til England i 1949, blev den brugt som den officielle startbil på Newmarket Race Course i Cambridgeshire. Der eksisterer et fotografi af chassis 1605 taget i 1949, hvor bilen er udstyret med et bus-lignende karosseri. Det antages, at bilen fik dette karosseri efter tilbagekomsten fra Barbados.

I 1990 blev motoren til chassis nummer 1605 samt resterene dele købt af John Fasal, den kendte Rolls-Royce kender og medforfatter af referenceværket, The Edwardian Rolls-Royce. Gearkasse, aksler samt andre dele blev udsøgt til projektet, og et nyt chassis blev konstrueret af en kendt Rolls-Royce restoratør.

I dag står bilen i fremragende tilstand, såvel mekanisk som kosmetisk. Den er et sublimt eksempel på en tidlig Rolls-Royce med åbent karosseri i den helt klassiske stil.

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