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LOT 318

1910 Gladiator 12/14hp Type P Series 51 Tourer Chassis no. 1454 Engine no. 1454P

Estimate: £25,000 - £30,000


Société Gladiator, cycle manufacturers at Pré-St. Gervais, were cycle makers whose business was acquired in 1896 by motoring pioneer Harvey Du Cros. Under Du Cros's leadership they built their first car, a single-cylinder, 4hp voiturette in 1896. Later light cars were Aster-powered and S.F. Edge's Motor Power Co. in London was appointed a Gladiator agent. Gladiator cars were to participate in some of the great motor racing events in the first decade of the 20th Century, including the Paris-Berlin Race and early Tourist Trophy races on the Isle of Man. Gladiator introduced a 12/14hp, four-cylinder model in 1906, conventional in all respects and with a four-speed gearbox, however by 1909 the more sporting motorist could buy a mighty 60hp six-cylinder model at the top end of a varied range. In 1910 the company moved to Puteaux, following acquisition by Vinot et Deguingand and essentially the new Gladiator was a badge-engineered Vinot. The 12/14hp model, with its L-head configuration, was a highly successful car, well engineered and reliable.

This 12/14hp Type P carries plates indicating supply by The Connaught Motor & Carriage Co. Ltd., of Davies Street, Berkeley Square, W1, and the elegant four/five seater coachwork is by respected provincial coachbuilder, Fred W Baker Ltd., of Stourbridge. The four-cylinder engine is cast in pairs, enjoys the benefit of a water pump and is fuelled by a Claudel Hobson carburettor and spark is provided by a Bosch magneto. Prior to the present family ownership this car was owned by V.C.C. stalwarts, V. F. Smith, Eric Offley, Past President the late Thomas Love and the Ward brothers. During these ownerships this car has been used successfully on many V.C.C. events and has also taken part in the Paris-Deauville Rally on many occasions and has been successfully rallied in Holland and Belgium. The five-seater coachwork is finished in blue livery with buttoned black upholstery and the car is equipped with a fine pair of Ducellier acetylene headlamps, Stewart speedometer, an A&NCS eight-day clock, a 'King of the Road' double-twist bulb horn, brass mirror, exhaust whistle and a Neats Foot Oil can for lubricating the clutch. Weather protection is provided by an Auster Ltd. patent folding windscreen and a practical hood. This car was acquired by the present family ownership at the dispersal sale of the Ward Brothers' Reserve Collection in 2009. Owing to ill health the car has been used very little since that time. A starter motor kit of parts has been assembled for this car and is offered with the car for the new owner to fit. This car is V.C.C. Dated and was awarded Certificate No.832. It is offered with a Swansea V5C document and an interesting history file.

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