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1949 Indian 440cc 249 Super Scout Frame no. BD13326 Engine no. 249336

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1949 Indian 440cc 249 Super Scout
Frame no. BD13326 Engine no. 249336

1949 Indian 440cc 249 Super Scout
Frame no. BD13326
Engine no. 249336

The Indian Scouts and Arrows of 1949-1952 received a lot of unjustified fault for the downfall of the famous Indian Motocycle Company where the real problems could be traced to the untimely devaluation of the British pound and the takeover of the company by J. Brockhouse & Company, Ltd. In retrospect, the vertical Indians were visionary, just a decade too early as the Japanese factories accomplished what Indian president, Ralph Rogers, believed as the future for his company. And the new Indians weren't really frail in the hands of regular riders. Many put on extensive mileage through the years. Such is the case of the 1949 Indian Super Scout presented for sale.
This motorcycle was purchased new by Pete Bollenbach Sr. for $500 in 1949 and used for many years to commute to his businesses. It was traded in 1972 for a new Yamaha enduro for his son, Pete Jr. Later in 1984, Pete Jr. searched for his father's old Indian, located it and began restoring it as a surprise for his dad. Unfortunately his father passed away on his 80th birthday before ever seeing his special gift. This Indian has been featured in two vintage motorcycle calendars and exhibited in several museums since the restoration was completed in early 1985.
This Indian Scout features the 440cc (26.6 cubic Inch) vertical twin engine set in a rear sprung frame with telescopic front forks. Weighing just 315 lbs. fully serviced, the diminutive Indian could attain speeds of 85mph and was competitive with larger British motorcycles of that period. The "Super Scout" version added saddlebags, windshield, center stand, spot lights and rear crashbars to the regular Scout model. The bike was restored by Pete Bollenbach Jr., one of the top motorcycle restorers of his time in the United States.

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Please note that the title for this bike is in transit. Please note the correct frame and engine numbers for this bike are 2493326, and BD13326 respectively.

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