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1970 Leyland Leopard Coach Registration no. 0AG 537H Chassis no. G01638

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1970 Leyland Leopard Coach
Registration no. 0AG 537H Chassis no. G01638

1970 Leyland Leopard Coach
Registration no. 0AG 537H
Chassis no. G01638


One of the largest builders of commercial vehicles in Britain by the 1930s, Leyland expanded greatly from the 1950s onwards, taking over Albion Motors in 1951 and Scammell in 1955. Carmaker Standard-Triumph was acquired in 1961 and the following year Leyland purchased its old rival AEC, which had already bought out Thornycroft and Maudslay. Manufactured between 1959 and 1982, the Leopard was an under-floor engined, single-deck bus and coach chassis that proved immensely popular with fleet operators throughout the UK and abroad. Produced initially with a 194" wheelbase, its chassis was very similar to that of the smaller Leyland Tiger Cub, the most significant difference being the use of the 9.8-litre Type O.600 diesel engine in place of the Cub's 5.8-litre O.375. Pneumocyclic (semi-automatic) transmission and the 11.1-litre O.680 engine were offered as options on later versions. The Leopard was supplied as a rolling chassis for bodying by independent coachbuilders including Alexander, Caetano, Duple, ECW, Metro-Cammell, Plaxton, Van Hool and Willowbrook. The maximum permitted body length (in the UK) was 10 metres (30') initially, with bodies of 11 and 12 metres fitted later as legislation changed. In 2006 the last Leopards were withdrawn from public service in the UK, a remarkable 47 years after the first examples left the factory.
This example of one of the most successful of British post-war bus/truck chassis was previously owned and used by Denis Welch Motorsport, which had acquired it in 1984. The vehicle was purchased from Denis Welch Motorsport by Robert Harley in 2003 and comes with a quantity of expired MoT certificates and bills for servicing and upkeep relating to their period of ownership. The coach benefits from providing accomodation for 4 people (2 double beds), and includes shower/toilet facilities together with a small kitchen for cooking. A viewing deck accessed from the rear provides a superb platform to watch the racing. There are invoices on file totalling some £5,300 for servicing and maintenance carried out during 2003/2004. The vehicle is currently taxed/MoT'd and comes with Swansea V5C document.

Saleroom notices

This coach is taxed untill the end August 2012, and it's current MoT expires end of September 2012. Also please note this coach can be driven on a standard license, a PSV license is not required.

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